San Francisco (week 2)

Tuesday (26th June)

Things were buzzing bout midnight, was it the fridge? People next door running a bath?

Back to sleep, awake at 3, back to sleep

Up for breakfast in restaurant, passed the steamy pool


via a fern/ bench thing


And the view at breakfast


Both had big big breakkies, walk back to room via 3 sheep/ ram things


Back in room, Thought I could see face in tree, but think my eyesight is bad and doubles things up (slightly)


Paul manged to get late check out till 1pm, back to bed!

Then to the pool for lounge


The weather was going to be hot this week


Back to the room and we packed and packed, stuff into car for final coffees on terrace


Squeak had loved it here with the French theme and all


And off we went on VERY ‘ziggly’ roads heading towards the coast road


We saw a place that looked amazing called Stinson Beach


And both very tired after driving 4 hours we made it to the apartment, with the Sutro tower just at the top of the road


Off to drop car back, saw amazing succulent display on sidewalk


Dropped off car (exhausted) muni to Castro, popped into Mollie Stones for essentials


Home/ unpacking/ food/ fizz/ will and grace/ bed


So here we are, Castro apartment for next 5 weeks!!!


Breakfast of special k with vanilla and almonds with almond milk (YUM), washing clothes


Then off to Mollie Stones for food for next couple of days

Lunch on the terrace, and later out for coffee and nuttella and banana crepe at queen malika


Looked at a couple of restaurants, popped into Mollies for flowers, back to apartment, writing diaries/ lounging and stuff

Big bang theory and do you think you can dance on fox, accompanied with brucetta, arabiatta and fruit with some lush wine from Rutherford/ Napa valley

Will and Grace and bed


Strange dreams, the devil has a message for me, but I didn’t hear it

Breakfast, yummy special k and here comes the rest of the day!

back to apartment, bit of uploading/ downloading. out for lunch to Dolores park cafe, its great to walk there, just down there street and all down hill

I had a yummy turkey/ bacon/ blue hot baguette and Paul had chicken Caesar salad


Back along 18th to Castro, popping in the shops, as you do, picked up some incense (dirt cheap sweetie) and back to apartment via mollies for some bread


Drank some mighty crazy cherry chai drink


We were on top of the world, looking down on creation….


Passed lots of amazing gardens and flowers


Even on the sidewalk there lots of colour and love


Home for dinner, chicken with sweet potato mash, the then out to the castro theatre to see barbarella, via watching a man play with his organ



Met the locals on the shelf in the apartment


Breakfast, coffee in queen malika and down to valencia st for lunch, had a very lovely watermelon lemonade and did the shops


Back to apartment, up a VERY long hill, rest, dressed and out to meet Maryanne for snacks, cocktails and dinner


Breakfast, Malika for coffee, apartment, shower, change off to Valencia St for Therapy, Paxton Gate et al, back home via Mollie Stones (where Paul managed to get a hire DVD form a machine for 1 dollar and bought some mint Milano’s


Then meal (curry) then out to the dark room theatre to see two twlight shows being performed live. Not as good as the star trek one and boy was it hot in there) but i enjoyed the pre theatre cocktail of ‘body heat’ in ‘Laszlo’ bar


Back to the apartment, and watched ‘Man on a ledge’ or perhaps ‘film thinks we are vedge’ – not very good – quaffing Sergura Viadus (£3 a bottle)


The clodhoppers upstairs kept going till about 3am (yawn), had some odd dream about trying to sell a property and we had made furniture out of, well, crap basically, but the selling point was the huge secret room, which was another house really, with gardens on the roofs

To Malika for coffee, then out to the Castro for shopping and things, back home via Mollies for mint Milano and coffee made from our new cafetiere thing


Uploaded the new spacedogs radio show…. rest…..

Pottering round the apartment, out for dinner to firewood for pizza/ pasta/ red


Back into mollie stones to grab cheesecake (yum) and bottle of malbec, now sipping coffee and Paul researching the foods to avoid/ eat

wine/ will and grace/


Doing very little today, though having said that spent most of day creating and updating web sites and blogs, who knew it could take up so much time? but am taking the opportunity to recreate and create my online world

Now sat in the sunshine on the terrace, might go back in and do some more stuff online – quite frankly, I’m popped

Hanging round the apartment, then out after 3 to browse shops on market st, found great bookshop with lots to look at, bought Tina Fey book for Paul and one minute mindfulness for me

Drinks at Cafe Flore (delish iced chai) popped in pottery barn and back to apartment via Walgreens and Mollie Stones

Chilli for dinner with yummy raspberry and vanilla sorbet and a few strawberries so make the whole thing health health health

End of week 2


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