San Francisco (week 3)


Did very little today, which is a good thing I think. Mostly worked on the computer, wrote a song, made some plans for the week,


Had a very yummy breakfast of cinnamon granola, chai seeds and almond milk!


Had lunch on the terrace….. did stuff on the computer, out and about


Looked at shops on Castro and Market St (via pottery barn) went to Mollie Stones


And had Carbonara for dinner and a red, white and blue dessert (getting read for 4th July) then some Rose Sergura Viadus (who knew they would sell it here (cheaply))



It’s the 4th July, Independence day, ‘happy 4th’ people say. A day to take off work (if during the week) go to barbecues, have picnics, go to parks, its a great feeling, and great to be part of such an occasion. even better, downtown was incredibly quiet!

Paul updated the plans for the week


Up, email from Chad inviting us to picnic in Dolores Park. quick breakfast, then Chad and Jean called round, very easy to talk to, we walked to Dolores down 19th St. via wine shop that sold ‘box car’ must pick up a bottle and try and see if its as mad as I remember it


Dolores, met up with some of Chad and Jeans friends, all incredibly easy to talk to – and the day just drifted by, chatting and listening to stories, everyone seemed very happy

At one point we went to Bi-rite to pick up dessert, when we left there was a queue to get in, mad!

Left the park, home, changed, out to downtown for Macy’s, bought a plate and looked at lots of clothes, finally found some trousers (Sean John) and shirt (American rag) which were/are lovely

walk to Clift hotel for blackberry margaritas, on the second round (oops) we asked to watch the bar tender make then for future reference, basically its lots of ice with little of the actual drink, but that’s probably for the best


Then to Colibre for Mexican, we learn’t today that Colibre means ‘humming bird’, another blackberry margarita, then off to Mandarin hotel for cocktails and the to skybridge to watch the fireworks on the 48th floor, staff did stop one couple at the lifts who weren’t staying but sneaking in to watch the fireworks, technically we werrn’t staying, but did open a tab and were customers, anyway, was amazing that there were show firework displays timed to happen at the same time

Back downstairs, two glasses of cava (yum) and staggered to Muni, to Dolores park, managed to get the 33 bus up the hill (phew) and we were home, two Will and Grace, bed!


Hangover! We did very little to write about today, bit both spent most of the day writing, I was trying to work on song, but wasn’t really working out, but worked on blogs too and all in all was a good day

Bath then Leanne called round, wine, chat, Cheese, olives

Then it was time to leave with Chad and Gene to go to restaurant to meet Christina

It was tapas, so think we almost had everything on the menu apart from the sea bass, that they were really trying to push on us

Bill was expensive, but there you go, nicked a napkin so all is equal

Walk back with everyone, apartment, drinking, writing, up till 2am for goodness sake, but worked on 4 Spacedogsradio shows


Yet another hangover, but thats booze for you, but at least we won’t be drinking now for a while, phew!

Most the day spent working on new spacedogs radio shows, very exciting, think they are improving!

Then it was time to get ready for duck lake show, went to get bus,


But got cab, arrived, bit of a wait but ended up with front row seats, even as they tried to add another row we sneaked in there too.

Show was good, but too long, less is more, 3 hours in a theatre on an indie piece? And not any real ducks! Tut!



Cab back, Will and Grace, bed


Relaxing day, breakfast, popped into Mollie Stones for essentials, home, lunch, working on space dogs radio, made Goulash for dinner later and out to Castro Theatre for Scary Cow short film festival, we had VIP tickets which came into their own later, stayed for 1st hour, best film was sort of documentary about the story of the Martini and where it cam from, did it come from Martinez or San Francisco?

Then home via Frapez (smoothie) and Walgreens (stuff) home, dinner (delish) then back to Castro for 2nd half of festival, one of films was dull and too long but the rest were fun to watch and we got to vote for our faves

Then upstairs for free booze and outside for free tacos, was talking to Leonard for most of the evening, a gay bible preacher into bondage, if you will


Just in from lovely evening spent at Dosa with Michael, Maryann and Will. Food was excellent, the vindaloo was sublime!

This morning, up, breakfast, out to FSC barber on Valencia St for haircut, great idea, you turn up, take the first free haircutter person and for 40 dollar you got yourself a new look. Its all very retro with the 50’s style a music

I scanned the line of people and saw one person and I don’t know why, but I thought ‘ I hope I don’t get her’ and I did, was ok, she was a bit intense, ‘you tend to lean your head’ like, and?

Anyway, whole experience was very exciting and felt recharged


33 bus home, lunch, out to Stern Grove for festival but was rammed and the park looked like a refugee camp with people perched on rocks like music loving sea gulls, if only we had had collapsible chairs and blankets et al

Anyway, stayed for only short while, then off via a coyote warning!


Popped into shops at west portal, picked up some bargain CD’s and back to apartment via Walgreens, Mollies and queen Malika for coffee and crepe (banana/ nutella)


Home, chilling out, writing, then out to Dosa on Filmore

Twas a wee bit nippy, so had a wander along the street (as we were early) there had been some festival on that we missed, maybe next time eh?

Restaurant, chatting, talking about my blog, seemed to stir the conversation nicely, all in all, great evening! and also enjoyed the sea creature lampshade things




OK, we go home in 3 weeks time today! So much to do?

The trainers are due to arrive today, very exciting!!

Awake early, breakfast, online, will I be a web designer?

Cleaner Diana arrived, and off for lunch to Dolores Park cafe, had lovely chai, banana, soy, smoothie!

Checked mail and trainers arrived at 12.14! And very lovely they are too!

Back up the hill, pop in Mollies and home, trainers, fab!!


Spent the day on the house, updating websites and working on space dogs radio

Dinner was chilli, looking at plans for weeks ahead


And then watching the Riches and Will and Grace


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