San Francisco (week 5)


Two weeks today we will be in London, hard to contemplate that at the moment

Today was spent at the apple store, well 4 hours of the day. Two workshops on GarageBand and one on logic.

I can see why people want to use logic, looks fun and you can do some great things with the software and looks fun to play with and the professionals use it, but would need new computer just to have it, so seems a little luxurious (and yes i had to spell check that word) to say the least

Also popped into container store for well, mini container bottled things, old navy for jim jam bottoms, fresh for shampoo for Paul and walgreens for health stuff

Workshops were great, middle one less so, and of only I had the software to pay with, but you need a mac, so will stick with

Home, mint Milano time, Paul had a massage and been told of great places to go for food and stuff

Then out to Michael and Wills for large glass of red and then out to Eliza’s for crazy named food, like Drums from heaven

Parrot in the men’s room


lots of chatting about life, work, stuff, fun, enjoyable!

vertical garden


bus home, at bus stop saw bar/ food place, liked the writing on the window


Home, updating our lives


Twas a shopping day today, out to El Macy’s in Stonestown, short (allegedly) muni although it changed letters halfway through from M to K, make of that what you will, so basically, 99% of the people got off – fun!

M, two stops and at mall, time for yummy soups (corn chowder and mexican chilli tortilla) the lid wouldn’t come off mine so had ot take back for help (sad but true)
Then to macy’s which seemed to have more choice and the clothes were cheaper, so bought my wardrobe for the year, even saw a tie (that if i wore them) wanted


Tried on lots and lots, even got a designer shirt for £5.65

Then it was time to leave, well we had been there 3 hours


Back on the train to Castro, even Paul had the shopping bug and picked up coat for £28


Back to apartment, sandwich, mint milano and out again, past foxtail ferns


To Embarcadero cinema to see LCD soundsystem film, shut up and play the hits

Fun, great energy, but I did feel that ‘I can do that’ so I will

Then onto Contago for dinner,

Past trans america


Yummy wine and food, starter was squash blossom stuffed with ricotta, heaven



The week is going by so quickly!!

Had a great day, up early-ish as wanted to get to Gautier exhibition before was busy, no33 to golden gate park then walk (dodging the water sprays on the grass)


We arrived, and wow, the exhibition, really was alive, with manikin dolls with videos on, felt like we were in a show


Some were speaking, some were singing, some were talking…..



Original sketches from 5th element


Saw some great building blocks…..


Did the shop/s and out for lunch..


Through the goldengate park


Into cafe for the people for bagels, and yummy they were too…..


Then we hit the shops, and boy did we, gifts, fun things, new wallet from ‘cheap thrills;


Great coffee and chocolate from ‘stanza’ – great indie music playing too


Into amoeba records, and Paul definitely has the ‘shopping bug’


Tired, we head home, coffee, mint milano, curry for dinner, TV (big bang and 30 rock and Graham Norton on BBC America)

Friday (already!!!!)

Awake very VERY early for some peculiar reason so was pretty exhausted the whole day

Breakfast and into town to meet Marrianne at MOMA for photo exhibition that was pretty grim though there was amazing video called tango which was really funny

Then out to cafe on rooftop for tea, my oolong was hand (or should it be ‘paw’) picked by monkeys

The sun was shinning and it was a great day, then onto Bart to valencia/ mission for Limon and cocktails (yum) and nibbling on yuca and sweet potato fries (yum yum)

Called in Dolores Park Cafe on way home to listen to play live, was great if you like folk ragga music (and composting)

Then back to apartment for catching up with writing, cava, 30 rock



Up to a yummy breakfast of honey granola, chai seeds and soy milk sweetened with agave


Then out to Queen Malika for coffees, then sorted out my CD’s that have bought into flexible cases


Back and then ready for our day, we were on a architectural (difficult word to spell) tour of the financial district


Thinnest building in San Francisco


Didn’t know what to expect, but it was brilliant and learnt all about POPOs privately owned public open spaces, where all new buildings have to have some open space for the public to use, but it not really advertised and there are secret gardens all over the city


Great tour, and was really interesting
After the tour, back to Castro via Diesel for spot of shopping, Paul bought a coat, me, undies, in my size (petite)

To Queen Malika for crepes, and boy was it hot/ sunny today


Back to apartment, Leanne suggested that drive to the beach, just before having a coffee and spot of shopping


Me with Mabell


Garden at back of shop


Onto the beach and dipped my toes into the pacific ocean


This is the car we went in



Left the apartment and passed a lovely bush


Today we hired a zipcar and started the day with brunch at Beretta, which was yummy, i had a virgin Mary and the lemon and horseradish juts blew my tastebuds off the planet, was truly mad! and the food was pretty good too!

Then headed off for the scenic drive, and everything on paper sounded lovely


But it was horrible really. busy, lots of traffic, people, the mini cooper open top was a bit pokey/ noisy/ and on the freeway felt a tad vulnerable from the elements/ other cars.

Up and down and back and forward we went, although as was driving and trying to concentrate didn’t really get to see much, but driving up the steep slopes was exhilarating to say the least

The tour took us to fishermans wharf, more traffic, we tried to avoid and head for golden gate, yet more traffic and tried to park to go to the shop, but was impossible and the ‘overflow’ parking had cones and even though it said parking was for employees from Monday to Friday, and this was a Sunday, a voice from above let us know that if we parked there our car would be towed, how delightful

so we gave up on that one, and abandoned the tour, and head to the legion of honor for the ‘man ray’ exhibition, found it, head for the cafe to cake/ coffee and to be surrounded by birds ala Hitchcock


Man Ray, not very exciting really, about 4 images were OK, but a tad dull, as was the shop/s Paul wanted a photo of just outside the exhibition, was that was a ‘no’ from security


Carried on in the car and slowly head back, tried to find Cole Valley, finally did but no parking, so carried on

Back to Castro, dropped off the car, Mollies for wine and stuff, Queen Mailka for coffee, finally started to feel normal after the car stuff


Our last week, next Monday we are homeward bound, today I must decide if i am going for that job interview in Bristol (or not)

Its now the evening, and I still haven’t decided, although I think it may be a ‘no’

Spent most of the day in the apartment, trying to look at the ‘packing issue’, morning coffee at Queen Malika, and lunch of crepe there too, all very lovely!

Tried to upload spacedogs radio to an online storage thing so i don’t lose my work, and it appears to be doing it, although am not convinced and won’t be till i see the files on my iPhone

In the evening we were invited out for dinner with Chad and Gene to a Vietnamese restaurant , we ate loads and twas all lovely, was particularly taken with the crispy noodles presented as a birds nest filled with seafood




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