San Francisco (week 6)

Tuesday 24th July

Breakfast and out to Queen/ Cafe Malika for coffee. Then we went to see an apartment for a future renting/ airbnb. The climb up the hill is a bit much and the stairs into the apartment are bit much, but the view of the city once you get there is great


Can imagine eating breakfasts looking at the city everyday (exhausted from the climb to get there that is)


breakfast then queen malika for coffee and bear apple turnover, apartment then out to see another apartment on Ord St, juts round the corner and also close by zipcars and queen mailka, one bedroom, small, but great outside space, so would be great for good weather

Then Paul was going to an apple workshop and tagged along to ‘buy an extra bag’ not for me, really!



Popped into disagua, saw lovely shirt


But too expensive at £64, found later on ebay £40 cheaper

So, small sandwich at Cafe Madaline


Then into Macy’s for a browse and then Bart to Valencia, but for some reason the stops ain’t named the same as what the driver says, so went on two stops more, went back, but not enough along Valencia so had a bit of a walk, hey ho,

Onto FSC barber for haircut and felt completely pampered with hot towels at razors and stuff, engaged in conversation, sort of, they are not really chatter boxes in there


Back to apartment, more packing in the new bag


We were both shattered, so decided to go to super duper for burger, the vanilla shakes are very yummy. Onto mollies for wine, and vanilla and espresso bean ice cream with raspberries


TV, wine, tired, bed!


Was the last morning in the apartment


I love this drink


Guess we had bought a couple of CD’s then?


Head count to see if everyone present and correct


And after packing and placing a million tiny objects within larger objects we were ready to go for coffee/ bear claw at cafe malika


Played the game, where is Paul


We lived and loved here for 5 weeks


This is where I wrote some songs and worked on spacedogs radio


Back to the apartment, last bits and pieces and then out to pick up the zipcar from hattie.


The roadworks on 18th were VERY annoying with the fecking beeping as we tried to pack the car and we were off to the hotel, with its no turn lefts we finally got there and unloaded, checked in, and we were told we were staying on the top floor!!!

Said ‘hey’ to Michael, I was called ‘foxy loxy’ not sure what it means, but it sounds great

Back in the car, dropped off, apartment to drop off keys and back to malika for crepe (number 11) and coffee


Squeak getting in on the action


Best buddies


Said farewell to Queen Malika


Said farewell to Mollie Stones


Mobile air/ beach thing


Castro notice board


Said farewell and onto Castro for past bit of shopping in Cliff’s Valley (sunglasses)


And said farewell to Castro


Muni to Montgomery, hotel, hello, room, top floor


Everything is all very wonderful in here


At 5 was feeling slightly peckish and low and behold cheese, crackers, fruit and bottle of wine arrived (complimentary of course)



Out for dinner to Dosa, 38 bus there, packed, restaurant, arrived on time although we did think we 30 minutes early, table upstairs at back of restaurant, Paul got us moved closer to the window.

We had the tasting menu paired with wine and were slightly disappointed. 2 starters? instead of a dessert? small amounts of wine which apart from the first course were a bit underwhelming, and then the bill had $18 extra (mistake) and they wanted to charge $4 for the ‘complimentary water’, hmmm, would go again, but eat from the main menu, more choice and would be cheaper

Back on the bus, was an ‘entertaining’ journey, with one mad person saying to another ‘are you crazy’ – crazy!

Hotel, yummy wine


Writing, bed just after midnight, tired

Oh yes, well is BBC America just mostly showing top gear???


Had some very strange dreams, I was hanging out with some freaks (rubber, colored hair, piercings, that kind of thing) all well, I was the designated driver, trying to get up a very steep slope. Then we were being filmed and I was watching it played back, I was very camp with my bum cheeks showing through some trousers, but I was THIN, so that was OK with me

So, its our last weekend here, we both can’t understand where the time has gone, we have diaries and I have spacedogs radio shows to prove we did something!

‘farewell to castro’ maybe a good title for a book?

Just in from viewing POPO’s on a mini Paul tour with Leonard, was fun, sun was shinning and we had no probs getting into the secret gardens

View of hotel/ room from corner of Sansome and Sutter


We had arranged to meet Leonard, all was quiet in the room, then suddenly there was a noise, what was it? it was coming from the street, it was a demonstration from the 99%, today it was the janitors about the 1% – its a big thing here

So, met Leo, into a POPOS for a crepe (not as good as queen malika), then onwards to wells fargo, to the roof for views


Then we found one which was an open space downstairs, very peaceful


POPOS with fountain/ waterfall


We found a POPOS like a little oasis


The POPOS at 101 Calafornia was great with my friends the foxtail ferns


Sun reflected on the water


And finally it was 343 Sansome St, the best but at 15 floors up, it made my legs go funny, but it was great to be on the roof as we had seen this since we first started to stay at the hotel, and would be great to go back for lunch sometime



We arranged to hopefully see Leo again in New York (as you do) and back to hotel, and the fog rolled on in


Rest, bath, writing, getting peckish, then out to Wilson and Wilson for cocktails

We just in from redwood room, you will be pleased to hear that after slight mix up we got free cocktails again, just like last time! It’s quickly becoming a tradition! Before that went to Wilson and Wilson, took 35 minutes to get out drinks, but there were nice, Paul had serifs curse, me charlie chan, quite potent and yummy!

Colibre for our usual’s, drinks felt a little light on booze, then Cliff, which was busy and they didn’t have our reservation, and didn’t seem all that bothered really, cocktails arrived but were not right at all, too much lemon or lime and no booze, Paul took to the bar, much better and at the end waitress said that we didn’t have to pay for them!

Saturday (two days left)

Breakfast, Paul had massage in spa, then out to Ferry building, bought some oil and vinegar from stonehouse, back to hotel and out again, Paul had workshop at apple, which he enjoyed, I did a bit of shopping

Back to hotel, change and then out to the bubble lounge for champagne cocktails, first (pink lady) was great, but 2nd was sent back as too bitter, then onwards to contagna,

Food was great, and wine lush, evening and a bit mad with the very VERY drunk loud woman sat next to us

We decided during our meal at Catogna, that fave restaurants on this trip have been (drum roll please)

  1. Queen malika
  2. Cotagna
  3. Bardesdona
  4. Colibre
  5. Americano
  6. Beretta
  7. Zero zero
  8. Trace
  9. Dosa
  10. Super duper
  11. Mo
  12. Eliza
  13. Firewood
  14. Myaccy
  15. Vietmese
  16. Perbacco

Sunday (last full day)

Woke up to a foggy day and a slight hangover


View from our room


Funky light bulbs in the room


Downstairs, saw Michael and Marriann, made arrangements to see Marriann later. Out to shops, picked up last bits and pieces, Paul bought new coat from Gstar, back to hotel, change, nibbles and out for coffee to ferry building with Marriann, had delish chai freddo from Peets coffee, then….

Zero zero for meal, cocktails were groovy with cucumber in it


And then the last sunset arrived



Last day, had a dream of opening restaurant, fusion style, called ‘Merge’

‘wake up and own the day’

Morning of packing, not very relaxing, all ‘do-able’ I’m sure, the only difficult bit might be the journey from paddington to euston – we shall see!

Went to POPOs for lunch, and the sun was shinning


Jupiter in my pocket?


Final ‘taking of photos from the room’


Hoped the foxtail fern made is home safely


And here we are, in the virgin Atlantic lounge sipping cocktails, in 40 minutes we should be enjoying going through security!


Ok, so we bought more bags, then
More stuff, and red case lock broke, then fixed, borrowed screwdriver from hotel, in car Paul realized he’d left iPad at hotel, in the room, after arriving at airport Paul nearly left new coat in cab, in lounge I knocked drink over, all in all, a near perfect day!

But what is the local time?

Onto plane, was a bit of a zoo with screaming children and ‘can’t be bothered parents’ “Tabitha , is this your ipad”?

Eventually we were moved back to the original seats we were in and all was fine, and we were off

Said our goodbyes from the sky to everyone below, drinks, food – which was a bit poor, more drinks, bed, sleep (I think) awake, breakfast (poor) landed and thankfully we were first in with no one at security, bags came out, trolley, through customs and to Heathrow express

Traveling light sir?


Tuesday (I think)

To hotel, room, we were upgraded but the room was less fancy than the last one, but at least we were promised ‘complimentary’ breakfast

Out to dinner to Carluccios in the airport, it takes a skill to remove all taste and flavour from the food, but this place managed it well

In the airport, they had photos of London and we viewed the places we have lived


Back to room, TV, trying to stay awake, bed


So here we are, sat in Euston, at the ‘sloe bar’ called so as there is a 10 minute wait for coffee!

I’ve traveled this distance, no wonder I’m a bit pooped


Train was ready, as we tried to find our carriage/seat a very unhelpful woman asked ‘is this your own luggage, you’re only supposed take as much luggage as you can carry’ – which we were, so not sure what her actual problem was and certainly didn’t help the stress rates

Train, long, tooth was playing me up coz the filling had come out during our ‘complimentary’ breakfast, so just wanted the journey to be over

Chester, Gwen picked us up, piled everything in the car and we were off on the final bit of the holiday

On arrival home, hooray to find the garden (door step) all flowery and green



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