September 2012

Saturday 1st

Put together a little birthday party for Paul, cheesecake birthday cake and for a prezzie, after years I finally manged to find the image on the Star Trek Voyager ‘laser disc’


Crazy flower on the Llangollen garden (doorstep) for our arrival home


The day finally arrived, all holidays over it was time to bite the bullet and begin our new life (V6.2)

Dropped Nursie at Chester, whirlwind few days ending. Jane stayed for lunch, and even hoovered up the living room (poor thing)

And then we set off, for Newport. Journey was ok, dark towards the end and not keen on the country roads dark thing, but hey ho

In, unpacked, wine!

Monday 3rd

Went shopping to tesco’s food and stuff. Posted an item bout IT and it not working


Well, a week ago today we were in Philadelphia celebrating Paul’s birthday at the Madonna gig, staying in el presidente suite…..and now…… Newport…….


Porridge looked yummy this morning


Had the joy of shopping at Argos for blow up bed, as I will sleeping in ‘spare’ room due to my hay fever/ snoring. I did wonder if I would look like this


Updated my blog

Was the first episode of the new Dallas tonight, the kitsch level had gone up to 11 on the opening, but otherwise seemed somewhat lighter


Up at stupid o’clock for 7.04 train to Manchester Piccadilly


Train journey was fine, had plug socket to run laptop and wonderful new headphones to listen to music. Got to Manchester, cab, Lancaster Rd in quick time, Lilian out the door for her hospital appointment, with my dad

At midday we went to chip shop round the corner, but doesn’t open till 4.30, odd for chip shop, defeated we went back home for cheese sandwich

Filling in the time, not much conversation to be had, tried to ask re photos being available, but dad didn’t really understand me

Took some photos anyway


Stayed over, we went to Applewood farm as per, back home, watching Liza Minelli, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies in big show. As recent times have shown, its best the channel the spirit of Dale Winton to assist

Time was still yet chimed every quarter,

the grandfather clock encouraged its daughter

‘tick once for yes twice is no this is us letting go’


Next morning I woke and realised I didn’t have any deodorant, so the choices were talc or women’s spray, I went for the spray


The plan was to travel by train to Chester then Chirk where Paul would pick me up – however, Lilian suddenly decided was best for me to take the car and drive to Llangollen, which I did, and I was a tad nervous all the way, as didn’t know if I would actually get home, but I did, traveled at 50 mph all way – to the annoyance to many many drivers, but the drive was lovely

Home to find the Cosmos seeds that I bought in San Francisco had flowered


Home, watched Orlando, what a great film. Bit of a party (and needed after last 48 hours) and ended up watching Aliens, which is a great film!


Watched Dr Who, thought it was bilge. Watched the Madonna film W.E. tis OK, looks very nice

Back to Newport

Monday 11th

Shopping for food, looking at applying for jobs that’s what my Monday was. Not helped by the noisy clodhoppers upstairs who seem to start at 5pm onwards. Played with the idea of starting my own radio station


24/7 spacedogsradio station went live


After opening the ‘electric’ pump it was quite obvious that it was powered by a cigarette lighter, from a car, back to Argos. They REALLY should make it clearer that the pump needs to be attached to a car to work

#h0tspace blog updated: LOL

Decided that hardcore organic herbal tea is the new crack

Started to plan a #DRWHO themed spacedogsradio show, also applied for a job, got a reply, not for me

Also had a snowflAke mAker song played on soma FM in San Francisco


Dreampt that time (future and past) were being demonstrated to me by the use of model trains (electric) circling on a home made track

Went to Starbucks to spend some time uploading songs through filezila to my radio station. On way home, it looked like rain


#spacedogsradio special #drwho #radioshowListen on Saturday eve 5.30 – 6.30 pm then repeated at 6.30
Nick Knowles isn’t really Mr Personality really is he?
Watched film Contagion, Jude Law CANNOT do an Australian accent, at all. Then watched Transporter, with the rules
Rule #1 No new deals
Rule #2 No names
Rule #3 Don’t open the package
Rule #4 Never make a promise you can’t keep
If you can





Monday 17th

#fakebritain has to be funniest programme on the telly #fakepets

Played my show on belter radio


Paul went off to London, I was to go on Thursday and we would meet up at the Hilton on Saturday. Off to Starbucks to upload music, took most of the day


Quite possibly close to my personal bests of ‘bad nights sleep’

Now streaming 24/7 from #iTunes #spacedogsradio

Put my schedule together for on-line show

#h0tspaceblog updated:’happy birthday’


Packing for London, Squeak was strapped in to keep safe!


And off I was to London, saw a picture at the station and thought ‘does this imply this man is on the toilet’?


Worked on the train, the journey is fairly quick from London, just under 2 hours. Denny sent me a text to let me know the room was ready at the Hilton, so I just had to get there at 11.30 and drop my bag off, which I did. Into town and met Emma at Charing X and we went to Carluccios at Covent Garden. I had a booth booked up stairs, which we got, waiter asked if we wanted a drink I suggested a glass of fizz, Emma a bottle, we went for a glass, we also went for a bottle, and a lovely afternoon we spent


#spacedogsradio: urbAn fOrest: show 001: summerListen here:
Off to travel to New Cross, wondered if I should connect to ‘jesus is lord’ wifi


Awake, trying to work out which 02 show to go to for phone, was quite chilled out about the whole thing and deiced to go for the one near Bond St tube, got there bout 10.30, there was only one guy in the queue, then me, then in, and there I had it, my new iphone 5 and thing of wonder it is too, always wanted a white one, and now I have, which more data than before, so smiles all round


Popped into the Fresh shop for shampoo, Conran shop for some art stuff, saw great mobile amp and lots of things I liked. Soup in ‘eat’ then back to the hotel.

Did the gym and later in the evening did a Friday night show on belter radio, winamp stalled a couple of times which was very stressful as had to restart computer twice mid show, ah well, my posse seemed to enjoy it all



Up, breakfast in the lounge, gym, with the cooking show in the background, is odd to work out, listen to music and watch food being sliced (at the same time) though one of the cooks (Bryn Williams) helped the time pass by


Paul arrived about 1 pm ish – out for coffee, nibble, bed for nap. Then meet peeps in the lounge of the hotel. chat, chat, chat as we walked over to zizzi at St Katherines Dock, I recall the day passing by well, all in good moods and high spirits, and then it was night time!

And is this a crown or a monkey?


Over to all bar one, then Carl, Daron and Jenny back to our hotel room for final bit of bubbly. Daron insists that when ever I get 4G signal that an image of sheep has to be on the phone (you had to be there)


Thankfully, we were staying till Monday morning


Think we missed breakfast and grabbed a snack later. Most of the day mooching about

Monday 24th

Up early ish, breakfast, packing and out to Paddington, thankfully we had booked this train and the one before had been cancelled and ours had too due to floods/ rain – we were on first class and had seats and bizarrely got back to Newport early than should have – so smiles all round.

Bought some mini bakewell tarts at Paddington that looked like boobies


Cab home. Paul to work, I started to develop my own on-line radio station. Then I did my radio show on belter radio at 6 pm. Launched DJ – Dalek time-time slot on own radio station


Worked on some logo’s for new website as I don’t want to pay £43 to update mr-site


If only we were in San Francisco to see this……….



Went to conference in Cardiff in the afternoon, co-production – all about communities working with service providers. It’s very similar to other pieces of work, but was interesting to hear some of the people babble on. I stayed for the 1st hour then popped off, it was phrases like ‘co-creating receptive context for transformational change’ that left me a little cold. Popped into John Lewis and picked up some lovely scales



We popped into agents to pick up the keys to the new apartment and walked down to the new place, was all very exciting, the new place is so much better. Then back to old place for some packing and then onto argos to pick up another blow up bed and we won’t be able to move the bed before next Monday, but we don’t want another night in the old place

And just before we left, there was a glorious sunset  – which we see as a very positive thing!


An image that I liked



Up and about, much to do. Joshua and Graham arriving at 9 pm. Drove to Chester, back to ours, drinks, chats etc


Didn’t do much at all, baked some Madelaine’s, back to bed, nap. Up, made lasagne,  popped over to see Mel and Andy, red wine, chats, back to ours, more wine…..


Up, again. dressed somehow. We went for lunch to the Corn Mill, in fact it didn’t open till midday, so we queued up outside


Lunch was had, I had Mac and Cheese which was ok if you add huge amounts of salt that is. Dropped J and G at Chester, then we drove back. Luckily we had another night and decided to stall in the hall, which we did


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