October 2012

Monday 1st

We drove back to Newport, luckily we had the new place to go to, which we did. Dropped Paul off at work and I went to the old place and did two car loads of stuff. I am surprised by how much we had in such a small place. What with going up and down stairs and along corridors it was all quite knackering really

I had many keys to play with


Met one of the neighbours who is in the apartment opposite us at Selskar, he seemed nice, said that they had taken a lease for 2 years and then they would be off, they have a year left. He said that it is best to be on this side of the river rather than the other side and that there was no vandalism round here

DJ Dalek – playing hits on ‘eXterminate (tea time show)’

On every Monday between 5 – 6 pm  #obey

Did my radio show on belter radio

We slept on blow up beds, and it wasn’t too bad really


Woke up feeling rough with a cold, drove Paul to Cearleon for meeting. More moving of stuff, picked Paul up again and then a trip to Tesco’s for food things. Had to grab a pork and pickle pie

Good name for hairdressers?



Dreaming of driving a huge truck/ trailer and trying to communicate with bears seems to have woken me up

The view of the river this morning looked like a lake


Paul had the car so I had a day off moving stuff, so caught up with on-line stuff

Double rainbow in the afternoon


#h0tspaceblog updated:’I feel good’wp.me/p2yUjO-2r


Another still morning on the river/ lake


Hired a man-with-a-van for tomorrow morning to move the bed, he bid £25

Watched #hunted its all a bit grim and unhappy and think all the spy’s are made of plastic


Strange dream where I discovered that if I try to meditate or sleep while actually asleep, I wake up #bizarre

Sunflowers still looking good a week later


up early to go to old flat to dissemble the bed, was quite quick really, Man arrived and we eased large things in a small van. He was quite chatty so all quite bearable. Finally got everything in bout 11.30

Paul home, lunch, then off to north Wales. Journey seemed to take a while today, but that’s he way the cookie crumbles

Hall, cleaning, dinner, TV, drinks, fun!


Most of which was spent in bed, I was completely pooped with the week, so that was fine

TV, strictly, x factor (bit of) bed – knackered


up, breakfast, bits and pieces round the place (cleaning etc)

Monday 8th

Drove back and the journey was not too bad, except for raining all the way. Back to Cambria house for final cleaning and then that was it, twas over


Never really understood this…..


Not a great entrance really



#h0tspaceblog updated:’dreaming’wp.me/s2yUjO-dreaming


Lots of mad dreams: queer records, being in San Francisco, in a Mall, flys, empty rooms, trying to speak to the dead, playing cards, rabbits

Worked on a new djdAx mix

Just officially been discharged from the chronic fatigue clinic – it’s been a mad few years, and I can say I’m better for it #cfs

On-line was the snowflAke mAker remix of Jamie Dyer ‘Always’ Available here: http://jamiedyer.bandcamp.com/


Had an eye test at Boots, and was free as have had glaucoma (whohoo!) and lo and behold my eyesight has got better not worse, so am going down a notch



And by oh boy are the pavements slippy in Newport when it rains, but some great graffitti


Sunflowers still buzzing after 2 weeks


Would you want your wedding cake made of pies?


Sent in chiptune application for computer game http://wp.me/s2I7Xl-chiptune

Saw a strange bird


Drove back to the hall, awful weather, rain rain rain and dark too, joy! home just in time for question time and a lovely glass of red, I do like this name of this wine!



Bit of a roller coaster day, started off all well, felt the wind in my sails, off to Manchester, but then it was downhill after that, saw DR with dad, mentions of dementia, talk of taking into hospital it he doesn’t start eating better, sigh, mentions of being in a home too, all a bit too much really.

Home, lovely tea, TV, 24 (fab!) fizz, started to watch ‘Chaplin’ the film, dull as dishwater, bit of a boogie

Lovely sunset



Up at lunchtime, which was nice, slowly cooked a turkey rogan josh for about 4 hours which was delish and ate just before strictly come dancing, also watched pitch black, great film to keep you perky, nothing to do with Vin Diesel being tied up of course

And a man fell to the earth



The day looked a bit chilly


A day of rest, we watched the Big Labowski, which is a great film, got the urge to drink white russians!


Monday 15th

Up, breakfast (hot cross buns) and we were off to Newport, the sun was shinning. Lunch, bit of light shopping at Asda, which is just round the corner really


‘Popped’ down to London at 3, journey is fairly quick at just under 2 hours, arrived, went to London Bridge for a coffee, it was almost 5.30, rush hour, suddenly I felt like I missed the place, we had spent so much time here, and was great to be back, but my oh my, there are lots of people there!

Back to Newport, working on job application, but not really getting very far, I don’t think that job is for me (not a catholic and shock, am queer)



Added a comment re x factor on digital spy, re 2 peeps getting drunk and pulling

‘havn’t watched X for couple of years now but still follow on digital spy and seems business as usual, the sad needy halfwits (the judges) provide no entertainment and its all about the ‘ratings’ – who cares? really? if two people on the telly want to go out and get merry from laughing juice, good luck to ’em – coz when the X spits them out, its unlikely there will be anyone to pick up after them then – hari krishna’

Had this text, should I be worried?

URGENT you are owed £3350 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit http://youhaveppi.com to claim, thank you. To opt out reply STOP.

@spacedogsradio: Shocked to find been charged £10 on mobile for call to #DVLA that lasted 6 minutes #robbingscum

@spacedogsradio: #h0tspace blog updated:

‘wake up and own the day’

http://t.co/W5LTp6g5 via @wordpressdotcom

Lilian called to say that dad had had a slight fall at home, ambulance called, and now in hope hospital, couldn’t work out how serious it actually was, all I knew was that I am going to Manchester on Friday for the usual lunch, so unsure what will be happening that day now


The day saw a shooting rainbow thing


And spent much of the day getting ready, quick pop into asda for weekend shopping.

We drove home at 6.30, apart from being behind a slow moving truck for about 30 minutes, the roads were much emptier and journey was less than 3 hours. Nibbles, wine, question time.


Woke up to a misty morning


Breakfast, bits and pieces in the kitchen (making batter for madelaines) then off to Manchester in car. Picked up Lilian, over to hope hospital, then the day went downwards from there.

  • Dad’s dentures were missing, no one knew where they were
  • 1 pm appointment didn’t happen, still not sure why
  • member of staff having conversation with Lilian when should have been speaking to all of us
  • porter didn’t turn up at 2.30 to push dad in wheelchair to 3 pm appointment
  • nurse suggested that i take my dad to appointment, I had to push Lilian in chair as was in pain, plus I didn’t know where to go, therefore = not good idea
  • staff member of the reception desk offered to push dad for me to the appointment, so we made it
  • unfortunetly, the DR was running VERY late and staff didn’t know what time they would be arriving – it didn’t look very good really
  • thankfully the DR did arrive, did tell us there was no cancer, but wasn’t able to give us the results of the brain scan, he began to sound quite upperty, so I asked about someone taking control of situation for my dad, he suggested speaking so DR back in the ward
  • asked staff to order porter, they said they didn’t know how long it would be, considering the last one didn’t turn up, it all didn’t bode well really
  • finally gave up waiting as I knew that we needed to get back to the ward to speak with a DR
  • Lilian offered to walk, so we did, found a short cut, wasn’t all that bad
  • got back to the ward, I asked, what now?
  • went to reception, spoke to DR who eventually took us in room and explained what was going on, it was a huge relief, knowing what was going on and that they had a plan of action in place

Dropped Lilian home, drive back to the hall, by this time i’d really had enough of driving, but I was greeted with an amazing sky when I got home


Dinner, TV, 24, graham norton – which was great! – bit more TV, bed


Up at a reasonable time (for a change)

World had dissapeared


Lots to do, sort out store room, tidy, clean, tesco shopping, sort out plants on steps, lunch, make soup, make Madeleine’s, nap


Trees have taken on autumn colours


All of the chores done, apart from nap, didn’t really get the time, though had lie down

Watched celebrity dancey show, Jane arrived, cocktails, dinner, cocktails, then it was 6am and time for bed

Soup looked and was yummy


maps on the iPhone look awesome



Clearly, slightly attractive!



Wathed ‘UP’ in tears within 5 minutes

Phone call to tell me my father had had a fal and had broken his hip, this was in hospital!

Went for a short walk to feed the ducks, passed a lovely redwood tree


Had a glass of red, liked the label, and luckily the wine was good too


Monday 22nd

Had a lovely full (ish) breakfast and Jane left. Did lots of stuff to get ready, differing about ‘should I stay or should I go’ – spend an extra night in the hall, and at the last moment we decided to do just that, funnily enough the rest of the day just flew by


Booked tickets to go to manchester to stay thursday night

Twas the end of ceefax/ anologue TV at midnight – squish squish



Haircut, went to specsavers to pick up glasses, I had a golden ticket which gave me 25% off, not quite a willy wonka adventure, but did mean that I will have a new pair of glasses for £51


Train up to Manchester, ‘old stock’ apartnetly, which is why they don;t have sockets to plug things in

Always see this allotment in a field, odd!


It’s been a day, at one point I thought my dad was dead, he didn’t look good, like a 90 year old dead man

Thankfully still alive, but slowly disappearing in mind, body and spirit


Me in bathroom


Up, taxi over to Manchester Piccadilly, taxi man took me a long way round, but got there in 30 minutes via his ‘tour’

Train back, not too bad, started with glorious sunshine en route


Back to Newport, getting ready, Paul arrived just after 5.

Liked this image


Drive to London, journey over was fine, due to pick Nursie up at 7.10, however, got there via lots of traffic at almost 8

Checked in, went to room, but stank of smoke, so we were moved

Nursie had present for Paul


Then out to Strada, food was OK


Up, executive breakfast

Out to shops to buy bubbly and cards


Saw this…. lovely?


Getting ready, drive down to Bamber for Kat and David’s wedding, we left with plenty of time, but were stuck on the m25 for 30 minutes going nowhere, which meant we just got to the wedding in time, phew!


Lovely venue and speeches spoiled only by the best man’s crude speech, not really sure why he bothered really

Met Steve and Mae, into pub, chatting, food, left about 7, back to hotel, drive back was OK, watching TV on iplayer, lovely evening


Up not too late-ish and into costa coffee for, well, coffee…. and pastries

Squeak made a new bat friend


Back to hotel, ready, into pont de la tour for LARGE box of wine for Christmas, popped past Meridian House, I do miss the outside space


Into town, camper shoes, marks and sparks – bought new jam jam trouser things. Back to hotel, room not ready, executive room, then room, rest

Worked on new logo for spacedogsradio



And then out again, Carluccios for lovely meal in booth


Then off to see skyfall, was entertaining, though Paul didn’t really enjoy, and for some reason the German people behind us wanted to talk through the whole film


Monday 29th









Drive back to Newport after executive breakfast, took over an hour to get out of London, tedious! Then was traffic on motorway near roadworks, so took almost four hours to do a 2 hour journey!

Did the radio show in the evening, with the theme of Halloween

Did a display for halloween



Picked up my new spex



Put together another Halloween display for Paul, did he notice? Paul came home for lunch, then I left to drive to the hall. Journey was just under 3 hours, but felt like a long lone way. Got to the hall for 4.45, and it was dark!

Lilian called me just as I arrived at the drive way….



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