November 2012

Start ’em young eh?



Misty start to the day


First day of zero temperature

Over to Manchester. Swinton to the grim chip shop, at least the food was better than last time, but the place is still grim

Noticed Lilian seeming to get bit irritated with me for some reason, don’t think she’s really listening and thinks I’ve for things wrong

Home, then hospital. Spoke with social worker ‘do you have any questions’ ? No idea


Clear morning


Had a water bill for £1.40, why did they bother?


Made some lemon Madelaine’s, and very yummy they were too!


Clear evening


Dinner, TV, dancing, all very lovely

Awake, blurry eyed I heated up the goulash for tea, light blew on cooker, bit of shock!

Strictly, TV, knackerd, bed


Misty start to the day


Worked on #projectM, song for Matty


Monday 5th
Dropped Paul at Chirk, home, cleaned house from top to bottom

All keyed up for show on belter radio but spent whole time downloading Sam broadcaster and trying to get that going, officially the worst bonfire night EVER!

After all that, not fully working, bit pissed off

Over to doctors, given nasal spray with steroids, so hope it sorts my nose out as its beyond tedious that keep waking myself up

Over to Manchester. Took while as road to Chester was fecked and the traffic was stupid and yawnful

Looked at paperwork/ finances, felt incredibly sad when I saw how much money they had left

Tried to sort stuff out, then over to hospital, dad seemed bit more with it and we’re glimpses of former self talking bout drinking Guinness and asking how Paul is

Still depressing though

Dropped Lilian back, managed to pick 3 homes to visit

Home, dark, after much consideration decided to go to Chinese chippy for tea, but closed for refurb, home via narrow bridge

Tried to get Sam broadcaster working on belter, but Internet signal not great, plus chat room still not working – felt slightly got at by people – so unsure if ill continue at the moment – I feel like I’m jumping thru lots of hoops with little return

Did the tesco’s thing, cleaned the car, new duvet, polished things, had tidy up and made soup

Paul made it to Gobowen for 830, home safe and sound


Paul over to Chester for the day/ night
Spent the WHOLE day completing a job application for body positive, only part time, but know I could do it, based in Crewe and north wales bit of odd mix but who knows eh? And why of cant you convert a PDF file to word easily eh????

View was very lovely


At 7 when to the local Indian take away, for an Indian take away, had chicken tikka dhansak, and very good it was too, bit more work on the application and then question time and red wine


Can people be allergic to celery?


Is fecking me off that they keep parking car and van across our entrance


Paul arrived back from Chester, late lunch, Paul working, me doing stuff, arabiatta for dinner, double Dallas 9 (end of season) – and some how it got to 8 am, time for bed


Up for lunch and bargain hunt, stuff round the house, bed for snooze, up for dinner (balti) strictly come dancing, last double 24, half of a strange film called ‘perfect sense’ where peeps were losing their sense’s odd and a bit grim


Google looked spooky


How can there be a message for an expected error?




Some lovely colours to be seen in Autumn


Paul dropped me off at Chirk (international) station


Think I’ve more of Manchester in the last month than I have in last 10 years, this is not a good thing I hasten to add

Train over was fine, standing room only from chirk to Chester, then grim train from Chester to Manchester, 20 minute queue for cab, taxi stopping at every single red light, house, taxi, Puccinis (wine- thankfully) food, back to house bed

Will miss the journey in car with Paul tomorrow to Newport, tomorrow with Lilian have meeting re future health for dad, don’t think it will be fun on any scale

Monday 12th

Dreampt was DJ-ing in Halloween drag at party for Welsch people, playing very odd version on congratulations by Cliff Richard

Long day, awake, toast, tried to encourage Lilian to view one of the homes, but seemed intent of just attending the meeting and was worried about being late (in 2 ours time). sigh. cab, hospital, meeting, was OK if not a little odd talking about my dad in this way. Decision will be made tomorrow re funding, did brief visit with dad, he doesn’t look good at all. Taxi to station, train,, journey felt quite long today, just listened to music.

Some people think they are HILARIOUS! I really don’t know how they get anything done, laughing all day long at their own insane humour!

Home, quick eat and then radio show

Spent the morning in Manchester, meeting to decide level of care needed for dad, and while it paid for

Meeting was ok, I guess, apart from drilling in next room and people popping in and out all the time

Saw dad, doesn’t look great, it’s just a fucking shame really, quick meat pie in cafe, taxi, dropped Lilian off and then Manchester Piccadilly, grabbing first gingerbread latte of the season


Train, and it’s off, no electric plugs so will be listening to music en route for 3 hours!!!

#spacedogsradio live at 6 – 8pm on belter radio this weeks theme: heroes and villains (which one are you)


Paul in a book, very proud


Spent ages trying to convert PDF file to word to be able to apply for job, but they expect people to ‘hand write’ a job application form? Are they mad

Met and alien in the kettle, I call him Max


Just had email from Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, I can’t say I read any of it, but am sure it was LOL

Late start to day, haircut, waiting for over an hour, but only got charged £5 as he ‘only did the sides’

Tried to speak to someone at citizens advice, one of the most frustrating things known to human kind, how can they make getting advice do complicated?

Hasten to add that I got nowhere fast, life it seems is complicated in the north when you are not well, during my times of ill health I had loads of hospital appointments, and they all went ok, it doesn’t feel the same in Manchester

Off on a choo choo train to londinium to get my eyes the 6 monthly check up, it’s a packed and pokey train

At one point, it looked like I was near the north pole


Made it time for appointment, seen quickly, have to go back in January for laser treatment on right eye, hey ho!

Been waiting a while to get this score, the little things you know


Saw and heard big ben bong 12


Passed the office I used to work, I think my anger about the place has calmed down somewhat


Walked to Waterloo, lunch on Eat, train station to look at shops, train to new cross, back to Paddington, train, and for some strange reason lost my ticket from going through the machine to finding a seat, very VERY stressful, luckily ticket person was ok and said no to charging me again and barriers were open at Newport

Home, eats, car to hall, question time, wine, and before you know it…..

Did wonder of this should be my look for 2013



Bed most of day, recovering, little sleep, but didn’t really mind. Dinner, children in need on telly, so not great

Apparently all you need is:
A: Smirnoff
B: a gun
C: cotton buds

Why does the #bbc insist on telling us what year it is all the time, we haven’t forgotten you know

Do frogs have feet, flippers, fins or hooves at the end of their legs?

It’s unbelievable it’s amazing its magical I’m lost for words I can’t find the words #standard #phrases


Dreampt was a dj with my records kept in a wardrobe, also dreampt that compass court sold for 13 million by people living there, not happy

Woke up to clear, crisp day


Over to Ormskirk, Jane made lovely courgette lasagna, marveled at Jane’s workshop


Popped out to pub for cake/ coffee and wine.


Drive back to hall, dinner, TV, film, wine, bed

We had idea for business to make a ‘fonsie’


Not sure what my phone was doing



First minus weather of the season


Bits to do, like the recycling, making dinner, relaxing and lunch

They made a #mockery of my #crockery in the #rockery

Anything involving the tinternet does not work in Llangollen


Jenny has changed her avatar piccie, thought was very classy


Monday 19th


Drive back to the hall, back for 11, bits to do, then radio show at 6

I did have this many visitors on the old website




And the rain poured today, back and forth to asda, lots to do on the computer like use up end of the 02 allowance

Made my first of many smoothies



Dreampt was buying 3 piece suit in camouflage design, but would that have made me invisible?

Worked on job application, why oh why do they want people to apply by writing by hand is beyond me, if you make one mistake it looks like crap, and my handwriting is not the best…. blah blah blah

Worked on kooky xmas show for 2013


Watched TV, current season of Dynasty we are watching is turning to poo


Have been trying to link #twitter account with #facebook account for years, still getting error


It poured and it poured with rain today


new channel on #spacedogs radio: disco soup:

Show 001: minestrone

Red key properties are such robbing feckers

I’m thankful for being able to remember who I am #Thanksgiving

Uploaded new dj dAx mix

Drove to the hall, was dark and VERY VERY wet, question time, wine, bed


Lovely view in the morning


Drove over to Manchester, spent nearly 5 hours filling in the attendance allowance form, bit of a dull day, but had to be done


Back to hall, telly, wine, bed at reasonable hour (ish)


Paul’s parents cancelled on us, we had loads of food – so erm…..

Anyway, made cakes


Played around with the fluff image





Another crisp morning


A day of breakfast, lunch, dinner, TV and getting ready for Newport, we will be away from the hall for 2 weeks now

Monday 26th

Happy birthday mum, where ever you are

And this was the day that a home was sorted out for my dad, was supposed to move today, but has chest infection so now will be on Thursday. Hospital (Kelsie) rang me to ask me to go to speak with staff, I said how about Wednesday? they said fine

#spacedogsradio live at 6 – 8pm on belter radio this weeks theme: invaders


Posted my application, would love an interview


Thankfully I’ve been Pre-approved for a loan of up to £1000, AND I’m my PPI looks good too! Ain’t life sweet!

‘This whole thing has a ring of lunacy about it’ – Jeff, dynasty, series 8

‘We’re not fighting about spaceships’ – Jeff, dynasty, series 8


Last night dreampt was breaking in to council property, to bring it down in a #spooks kind of way

On the train to Manchester, passed some of the flooding in Hereford


Realized when I got to Crewe that its a way to go and that is where the job is based, hmmm. Got to Manchester, Taxi, Lilian, hospital, bombshell telling us Dad being moved today and not tomorrow, mentioned that I was asked to come today to speak with DR, nurse said that the home would now be speaking with me, Dad moved at 4.30 to home, we left

Lovely sunset


Home rang to say dad very poorly

Lilian and me out to Puchinni’s for dinner, it was nice, very cold outside


It was a cold start to the day


Over to the home, informed by nurse that dad really ill, implying that may not have long to live, told DR would be calling in, we sat by dad for about 4 hours, he ate some food, said that it was ‘lovely’ and wanted ‘more’ after eating his cough seemed better



Phone call from home, DR said that dad may die over night, I did wonder about going home, but we both felt positive about how he seemed more perky, and I don’t want to wait around just in case, that would be depressing

Taxi to station, long LONG journey on very cold train

Listen to new #spacedogs radio show 015 – theme: Time

Wine, question time, bed



Our first full weekend in Newport, out to tesco to stock up

What HAVE they done to iTunes? #disaster darling

My first short #iMovie

TV, music, catching up, bed – late/ early


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