Bus stop: Card game: This page is dedicated to Denny!!!

Deal all cards out to players

each player has 3 cards face down, which no ones sees till the end, 3 cards face up on top of the cards face down

each player has another 3 cards to play with in the hand

the remaining cards in the centre to play thru the game

players look at their cards

good cards are jack, queen, king and ace, very good cards are 2 and ten

2 brings the game back to 2 again and ten is bus stop all cards out

at this stage each player can swop cards in theirs hands with the 3 face up on top of the face down cards

play starts

each player must have minimum of 3 cards in hand until the extra cards in the middle have gone

play starts with low card in the middle, then next player plays the same number, above, 2 or a ten on top of the previous card/s

player can play up to 4 cards (4 of a kind)

2 can be played at any time, bringing the game back to the start, ten can be played at any time, those cards in the middle are then out of the game

if a player can’t play as they have low cards then all cards played in the middle are added to their hand

play continues till all cards from the middle are played, then players when no cards in hand can use the cards that are face up on the face down cards


when those cards are gone, each player can use the face down cards, this is pot luck as no one will know what the cards are


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