October 2014

Podcasts of the month


Last day in Madrid, was sad to leave the hotel and the area we were staying in. Some great images Javi Crespo

IMG_9318 IMG_9319 IMG_9320 IMG_9321 IMG_9324


My trip advisor review of the hotel

Great location, near lots of bars, restaurants, placed near a square, perhaps would be a little too noisy for some people as the party continues in the early hours.

Friendly and helpful staff.

My only quibbles with the hotel would be for the price of the room (ours was at one point close to 400 euros a night for the time we stayed) we paid you should really get toweling robes for your room and having a kettle/ tea/ coffee making facilities I see as basic now plus the hotel should really provide some decent wine glasses as standard in the room without the need to ask. I also think they need to purchase a more ‘luxury’ toilet paper

For some reason the room had a CD player and a DVD player, I am note sure who travels with CD/ DVD’s these days, maybe lots of people do, although as the CD player was not plugged in and the cord for it didn’t reach the plug anyway, maybe no-one does, which Is why I think a kettle/ toweling robes/ glasses is more useful for people

I am not sure I would stay again as the noise from the square was perhaps too much for us, but I definitely fell in love with that part of Madrid and am already planning our return visit 🙂

At the airport. And the journey home was awesome


IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9341 IMG_9342 IMG_9343


Woke to a sunny day

IMG_9344 IMG_9345

Dont’ know why the BBC website was offering masturbation in its search for Bargain Hunt



Conker harvest



Sputnik images

IMG_9357 IMG_9358 IMG_9359 IMG_9360 IMG_9361 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9364 IMG_9365 IMG_9366 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9371 IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9374

Did my October display


Went live on SPACE DOGS RADiO – played a request for Paul



Lovely warm day




IMG_9390  IMG_9394

Boys ‘Larging It’

IMG_9396 IMG_9397


Sometimes, duolingo, its silly


Did my show

Some of the tracks played

IMG_9425 IMG_9426



Glorious morning, sun lit up the fog like a lamp

IMG_9435 IMG_9436

Will try this recipe this weekend


Did my show

Some of the tracks played while I sipped from my great mug from Museo De Americas in Madrid


IMG_9458 IMG_9461 IMG_9473


Was a lovely warm evening




Tried to work out possibilities in Bergerac

IMG_9492 IMG_9493 IMG_9494


Off to Limoges to pick up Jane and then to Bergerac before picking up Paul at the airport

IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9497 IMG_9498 IMG_9499 IMG_9500 IMG_9501 IMG_9502 IMG_9503 IMG_9504 IMG_9505 IMG_9506 IMG_9508 IMG_9510 IMG_9512 IMG_9513


Our ‘spices orchestra’ wine from Bergerac, twas ok, bit odd


FAQ show on belter radio


Misty start to the day




UP very, very early, still dark for fecks sake and took Jane to the airport, home then off to French lesson in Thiviers







Misty start to a scorcher of a weekend


Back to Bergerac, Cooky arrived for Le Weekend

IMG_9545 IMG_9546 IMG_9547 IMG_9550


FAQ show on belter radio


Picnic at Cubjac, then Paul and Cooky off to London

IMG_9566 IMG_9567

Did my show

Some of the tracks played




Had a crap IT day, oyster and zipcar, took me 9 hours to finally update credit card details on their system, finally someone there did it, praise be for twitter, emails and phone calls



Getting for trip away!






Senor Squeak having a #chillax



And we were good to go

IMG_9622 IMG_9624

Plane to Stansted, premier inn, Squeak with posh nosh and then both bit popped


IMG_9627 IMG_9629

The lovely hotel view

IMG_9630 IMG_9631


In the morning back to the airport, £9 for days wifi? ha ha ha ha


Met Paul who arrived for Arahus, bag checked in, sandwiches and off again, this time to Dublin, wait for 4 hours in the airport and back to London Heathrow

IMG_9642 IMG_9643

In the chaos of the gate where 3 planes seemed to taking off from the same gate at the same time, there was the sky


San Francisco 2014

Here we are sat in Dublin airport, we haven’t actually left the airport, flew in from London Stansted and after 3 hours fly back to Heathrow, and in doing so saves us thousands of pounds – which is mad – but there you go
We have a night in Heathrow, a hotel not in the actual airport, in the Hilton, and then tomorrow we are off to San Francisco!
It’s been over two years since we were there, many waters under many bridges since then – I would like to leave some of water behind now and consider such questions as ‘do they still do golden gate cocktails’ in the Hyatt Views Lounge
It’s difficult not to have high expectations from a trip to Frisco, previous trips have been so awesome, but it’s probably wise to put those expectations aside and consider what might on a shopping list and allow it all to happen how it happens

Taking off in the dark Dublin had an amazing glow about it, Landing in London, fireworks/ rockets everywhere, like being welcomed back, it was Diwali, the festival of lights, the world seemed to agree


IMG_9645 IMG_9673 IMG_9674 IMG_9676 IMG_9655 IMG_9658 IMG_9665 IMG_9666 IMG_9667 IMG_9668


My bag from Madrid, is a hit. Long walk to the Hilton!!

IMG_9670 IMG_9672 IMG_9677 IMG_9681



What is the point of a wifi service telling you its’ coming soon’???


And finally we were in the lounge, so many times we have sat at Number 36

IMG_9683 IMG_9684 IMG_9685

The madness if finally buying the Isle Of Man house in the feffin airport, but its done!!


And we are in Upper!

IMG_9690 IMG_9692 IMG_9693 IMG_9694 IMG_9695 IMG_9698

We spent much time chatting to staff, Paul may have met a relative, who gave us a bottle of Lanson as we were leaving, we still have it you know!


IMG_9699 IMG_9700 IMG_9701 IMG_9702

A world of trolleys



‘ingredients you can pronounce’




Lunch in the garden


Out for a walk in Castrp, everyone getting ready for Halloween

IMG_9747   IMG_9726 IMG_9725 IMG_9724IMG_9719 IMG_9723

FAQ show on belter radio

Monday 27th

Into downtown for a bit of shopping

IMG_9740 IMG_9741IMG_9742IMG_9746


Out to Starbelly for dinner, and very good it was too


My belter radio show


The contenders for possible trainers, we will see what they actually have in stock


Off to El Macy’s at Stonestown for a bit of morning shopping, and lots to be had, great shop


Out in the afternoon/ evening to cinema at Embarerdero to see Birdman, a very strange but OK film and at least we didn’t feel tired during, so that’s a boon

IMG_9786 IMG_9787 IMG_9788 IMG_9789


Paul off v v early to a conference, me downtown for shops and hopefully buying new trainers, which after about 3 hours of searching I was very unsuccessful, hey ho, was a lovely warm sunny day

IMG_9801 IMG_9802 IMG_9803 IMG_9804


IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809


Our plans for the evening from Paul……

I have booked for Thursday1830 Redwood
1930 Colibri
2030/2045 Wilson and Wilson – password Amber

Friday isn’t possible. Let’s hope Marianne and Michael want to meet on Saturday!

Off to The Haight, Ameoba records and bagels 🙂

IMG_9810 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9815 IMG_9816 IMG_9819 IMG_9822 IMG_9823 IMG_9824 IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9828

Later, downtown for cocktails in bar we havn’t tried before, the grand views lounge for golden gate cocktails has shut, so off to the View, which was good and apart from the two friends shouting at each other (talking) was all fine, then off to Colibri and Wilson and Wilson for mad ‘three course cocktail flight’ including a cocktail we called ‘crazy baileys’


IMG_9831 IMG_9832 IMG_9833 IMG_9839 IMG_9841 IMG_9845


We didn’t do much today, but Squeak considering going into the movies and was trying out his versatility, happy, baffled, alluring and dreaming

IMG_9852 IMG_9853 IMG_9854 IMG_9855

Scary mummy/ spider thing going on



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