#dax50 1965 – 1970

IMG_8599I was born on a Sunday on the 10th January 1965, at home, I was 10 days late, Should have been born on New Years Day – I think I would have preferred to have been born on the 1st, as a kid I was always disappointed when the Christmas decorations had to come down just before my birthday, the house always looked so bare and no-one really wanted to celebrate anything on the 10th January!



IMG_8598 IMG_8600My parents were

Maureen and John Ashworth





Maureen was a secretary, I remember being in the office one day, think it was a school holiday, and the big boss came and I had to hide under the table. I remember watching all the shoes and ankles, quite bizarre.

John was is the police, he became a Sargent. One time we were playing around with the handcuffs and they got stuck on him, unable to open, it was a bit of a panic as were going on a plane the next day on holiday, we had all sorts of plans and excuses ready for the airport, but thankfully the handcuffs finally opened.

IMG_8601I don’t have many photos of me as a child, probably for the best really, and I don’t remember much from the first few years. But I do recall being happy at junior school and holidays to the Isle Of White. I have no idea why we holidayed there, but we did. The two strong memories I have were playing ‘Crazy Golf’ and drinking coke out of a bottle with a paper straw.

One year I knocked a glass of orange over and a couple, Harry and Joan, told my parents not to tell me off, and they became good friends for years after, going on holiday together back to the Isle of White and then later to places in Europe

In one of the pictures, you will see a dog, her name was Sal, she was lovely and had no problems with me using her as a pillow on the long drives for the holidays.

IMG_8607 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9091


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