#dax50 1971 – 1975


My memory of this time still a little hazy and no photos to really jog the memory. Although I do recall being in the school Christmas ‘mime’ one year, this ‘mime’ had words, which I seem to remember caused quite a hoo-har. I did have one line too. I also remember the song arrangement for the choir on one of the songs being quite beautiful.


This is us in Spain, we stayed in Salou. Funnily enough 17 years later I was working there as a DJ. I love this picture, Joan looking glamorous wearing sunglasses at night



As we had such a horrible time in Spain, we went back to the Isle Of White the following year, this was taken outside wear Queen Victoria lived, apparently



We had a holiday in Ibiza, yes kids, I was a head of the trend on this one, staying in San Antonio. This picture is me enjoying strawberries and cream, they were a big hit, they also added sugar over the top of them, this may explain my future issues with food!

This day was also 105 in the shade, a tad warm.


First single I bought on my own was Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, loved that song, played the single so much I wore it out







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