#dax50 1976 – 1980


At an early age, music was everything, the middle picture shows me with my first DJ console 🙂

IMG_7166 IMG_7167 IMG_7168

I have no idea why music has played such a part in my life, and I don’t really want to know, it just is


This was at school at some kind of random sports day, can you work out whose nick name was ‘big boobs’?




On the left is my aunt Bella, lost a finger when she worked in the loom factory, one glove always had a finger pushed in, and she couldn’t move the other arm properly. Her husband died in the first world war, they had only just been married

On the right is her friend Annie, they always used to come for a meal on Boxing day and get really drunk and sing, it was great


First 12″ Record I ever bought, this year, cost all of 80p



This year I joined Stretford Children’s Theatre, I think my parents were worried about me, school was horrible and I was getting very low, joining the theatre was the best thing that happened to me.

I am sat with Susan, who later become a fleeting girlfriend, and Paul who later became a DJ in a very camp nightclub called High Society


This is the first play I was in, Crystal Clear, I played ‘The Visitor’

crystal clear



In my second play, a farce called ‘Wild Goose Chase’. I played a ‘camp policeman’ that’s me with the goose!


This was my first proper house party, I know, late starter or what, I am dancing with Susan, she stuck her tongue down my throat later, it was a bit of a shock! Hideoeus wallpaper

The thing I remember about this picture is that that woman on the right was stood on a chair, as she was quite tiny

Later in the year I had a party at my house

Yes, my parents by now were quite worried? complete with black nail polish. Although nothing as hideous as the pine dining table and chairs and carpet combo


Just an ordinary afternoon in I think, or maybe I working on a costume for a party


Another party at mine, I think it may have been fancy dress


With my second girlfriend. Hideous curtains or what? I think it was Christmas



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