#dax50 1981 – 1985


We had to go back to our secondary school to get our certificates for passing exams, I remember wearing my long Dr Who scarf that my mum had knitted for me, and my Gary Numan hat circa She’s Got Claws, we had to walk up individually to get out certificates, my (obviously gorgeous look) caused much hilarity to the gathered crowd of students and parents, I wasn’t bothered really, but when I sat back down my mother said to me ‘I’m very proud of you’

At a party at my house, the girl to my left I was hoping might be my girlfriend, I have no idea why it didn’t work out. I used to love my t-shirt. It used to make the staff in the local Chinese chippy smile too.




At a college disco, no I haven’t gone prematurely grey, it was a silver hair spray, yes, I’ve no idea why too


There was parade going to happen in Stretford (no idea why) the youth theatre decided to be involved, for some reason I decided to dress like this and sweep the streets. It was a hoot, first time I got into making people laugh. Great sock and shoe combo


On another parade, I decided to dress like this,  I blame Kenny Everett.The fake boobs were a nice touch and nipples great to play with for comic effect.


This was the final version. The guy feeling my leg was completely straight, and then for some reason just grabbed my leg and really went for it. Oh the trails of being adorable 🙂

We were in a play called Ritual for Dolls, very odd story about toys waking up at midnight and acting out the incestuous relationship of brother and sister, packed with jokes it was. Anyway, we came down to London to preform in a park and Prince Charles popped by. I’m the one dressed as a monkey. I had no lines, but I got to play the drum

This is me dressed as a lion for the play Wizard Of Oz, uncanny how ‘lion-like’ I look





Dave, Martin and me went for a weeks holiday to Majorca, it was a great laugh. Very straights-ville 18-30 thing. I think I stood out a bit, in the lift one day I was accosted because I was wearing a Soft Cell T-shirt – amusing.

Also hilarious that we found a pub called ‘Martin’s Nob’



My first car outside the Youth Theatre. I passed my driving test on Friday 13th. I loved the car, which I named Christine, you had to change gears on a level on the steering wheel.



Outside a club in London, on my birthday, just about to go and see Soft Cell proform their very last gig



Thankfully my career in designing shirts was short lived


IMG_7201 IMG_7209

Soaking up the rays in the back garden


Me and John at a joint 20th birthday at the Youth Theatre, our birthdays were 2 days apart


I look like death, but the fag is a nice touch

We were in a band, it was all very organic, in that no one really had a clue, but that was the fun of it


Me and John branched out together, making music, we entered a competition and stuff. Was fun, some of the shots we took

IMG_7203 IMG_7204

Another car, the roof looked, which was a hoot when it rained, which it did often in Manchester


In the north with my dad and grand-mother


I went clubbing a lot, I managed to encourage people from the theatre to come along too.

This is me at the start of the evening, and as you can see from the next photo, my hair collapsed


We all agreed when we saw the photo that we all looked awful on this photo


Just about to leave the house to go to The Ritz, starters orders then? My coat cost 25p





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