#dax50 1996 – 2000


That’s us doing the ‘young people engagement thing’ in a school. Working at Talkwize was like having an explosion of ideas. I love my OTT smile



1997/1 – 6 . Mixed in 1997 this collection of six mixes were mixed with the idea of spending a few hours in a club in mind. Each mix raising the BPM to another level.

Click on the image for the mixes


Clive had a party for Eurovision every year, this year we went, it may have been fancy dress. The UK did win this year


Labour won the general election. I remember walking to work the next day, with hope in my heart ( I was also hungover) and felt great and excited about this amazing change.

We moved to London. Paul was ‘head shrunk’ (or was it hunted) for a job there, so we thought a great deal about it. Making lists and everything, but an impossible decision to make at the time. So we finally decided to toss a corn. Heads for go to London, tails for stay. Best of Three. Heads, Heads. We then made it best of five. Heads, Heads.

I looked for a job there, had one interview that was a mess, part time volunteer coordinator, the 1st question threw me, ‘what cultural dilemmas do you think you will find working here’ – I was a loss for words, I now know that I would respond, ‘questions like those for a start sweet cheeks’

Second interview for Metro Centre in Greenwich, great interview. On train home they called and offered me the job, mad fools.

Some photos of leaving things from the various jobs (4 at the last count) I had in Preston. There was a great community spirit there, of people working together to achieve stuff.

I loved working at Talkwize, I learned so much and so quickly. I was sad to leave there, but happy knowing I had made a difference in some way.

IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0207

So we moved to London and I started my job one week after Paul started his. It was close to 5th November and every night there seemed to be a celebration of fireworks, was it just for us? I like to think so


IMG_0196 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0219


Millennium Eve, twas madness, but in a great way. For the first time Shad Thames was ultra busy all day and the BBC made the tension rise with its coverage of worldwide midnights. We made it to Potters Field. Threw the crowd. Then back to ours for a disco!



A selection of #djdAx mixes from 2000


These were the days when emails were sent round, seems so quaint now, anyway, this was sent to a few of us, have included this one and I guess sums up my life at that point in 2000


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