August 2015


Podcasts from this month

Lush wine/ flowers in garden

IMG_4549  IMG_4557


Did my show


Over to see Le Cocks




Off to try and find evening meal, nothing open, so went to Perigueux, and was packed due to the night markets, crazy busy – found lush wine




FRUit launch

IMG_4686 IMG_4688


Did my show

Cucumelon/ tomato harvest

getting excited re holiday



Getting excited re holiday/ out to Perigueux for night market

IMG_4755  IMG_4761 IMG_4762 IMG_4763 IMG_4773


Did this

Monday 17th August

Did my show


Off on our big holiday. First stop was Cahors. had a wander, found a bridge and found a great place for lunch

IMG_4848 IMG_4871 IMG_4873 IMG_4874


Then back in the car and off to Toulouse – check on hotel – wander and couple of Cosmos at ‘natural juice’ place – they had great kick at the end 🙂

Off to find place for dinner, ate at restaurant just outside hotel and lovely it was too



Then off to Perpignan – yes we didn’t know either. Very grand hotel/ spa like thing, and lovely cheese and ham sandwich for lunch on arrival was lovely too.

So didn’t plan to but spent the day near the pool, pooped in the pool to and it was fucking icy  

Horrible ‘Arse Art’ in the room

After sitting by the pool all day, and because the setting was so lovely expectations were quite high for dinner 

The food was fine, but service not great and overall bit dissappointing   – but setting was magical


We were brave and tried the breakfast, cold crepes?

Then off to Spain!

Took just over 2 hours and we were in Sitges

Wander round, popped in Hotel Romantic for Kir Royals


Back to hotel Calipolis. On arrival we were told best room/ view in hotel, we did wonder about the music we could hear from somewhere

Out for dinner


Unfortunately the music from somewhere was noisy and a sleepless/ restless/ changing rooms night followed.

So decision made and another hotel found we checked out into the Hotel Melia, which is lively and much more a 4 star than Calipolis    


There were many memories of our holidays



Fizz on the balcony and off to the port/ harbour for cocktails and dinner – and much much nicer place than the centre  


We managed to get table to eat, at 12pm, desserts at 12.30!



Over to Cap Salou after seeing lovely view and breakfast in mad mad breakfast room

Into what used to be Jolly Sailor for curry half chips and rice. And very lovely that they have is discount


Funny that there is now a San Francisco bar there

Off to little beach for coffee and water



Back to port for dinner



Off to Cadaques via some Greek/ Roman ruins



Fabulous wig!

Onto Cadaques to hotel, wander round and dinner at Lebanese restaurant – although we were told on arrival that we had to eat quickly as table was booked for hour and 15 later

Monday 24th August

Breakfast and lunch at the hotel

 Then went on adventure to Mars, or as good as


Did my show


Very sad to leave hotel but off to France we went

IMG_5185 IMG_5186   IMG_5200

Stopped off in Perpignan at the King of Majorca’s castle, which was great and had film poster display too

IMG_5207 IMG_5209IMG_5212


IMG_5218 IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5280 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5283


Staying at Carcassonne, long shadows in the evening

IMG_5285 IMG_5286


Quick pop into the medieval city

IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312

Off to Mercules ot stay in a chateau


IMG_5329 IMG_5330 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5338 IMG_5339 IMG_5340 IMG_5341


And back home we went

IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5355

So much wine……


IMG_5357 IMG_5360


Paul’s birthday

IMG_5364 IMG_5366


Daron and Carl arrived, into Perigueux for dinner, amazing supermoon

IMG_5372 IMG_5374


Picnic in Cubjac



Monday 31st August

Did my show


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