#dax50 2011 – 2015


15th SNOWFLAkE MAkER album

16th SNOWFLAkE MAkER album

Songs written in London, Wales, San Francisco

Planned 11 for 11 – 11 aims that is

  • go to gym 3 times a week, moving to 1 hour per week at the gym
  • lose weight down to 15 stone  
  • shop at whole food shop once a month to buy nice things to eat
  • remember people’s birthdays   
  • put together best of DJ Dax cd’s      
  • have throw out of all old stuff/ items that I don’t use – august/ September   
  • complete shows 4 and 5 of mittens     
  • to have 200 followers for twitter snowflake maker     
  • to have 100 followers for twitter mittens     
  • have a lovely garden for Pauls birthday in august     
  • fit into shirt for Pauls birthday     
  • meditation  – do once a week


Birthday at Plateau


There were some amazing skies to be seen from Meridian court!

IMG_2770 IMG_2785IMG_3861

IMG_3863 IMG_3866

Off to New York for our anniversary

IMG_3216 IMG_3249

My Community Safety interview look, thankfully, it worked


Mixing with stars, Alexandra and Madonna on the red carpet

IMG_4920 IMG_4943


Invite for Paul’s birthday

Paul invite 2011

First official tweet from Ines ‘Pooioygopnp’


Funny how things work out…… 

And so the move from London began


 IMG_5167  IMG_5227 IMG_5228
17th SNOWFLAkE MAkER album

Songs written in San Francisco18th SNOWFLAkE MAkER albumSongs written North and South Wales

We spent 6 weeks in San Francisco – click on images for blog from each week from that trip

SF trip week 1SF trip week 2SF trip week 3

SF trip week 4SF trip week 5SF trip week 6

My dad passed away in December 2012. Day of dad’s funeral, was very sad, felt that I lost it at points and the priest/ vicar person really didn’t help with his doom and gloom and over religious zealousness – but it was all awful/ sad,  but did enjoy the time in the Applewood farm later, helped along with lots of red wine

IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8600 IMG_8601 IMG_8602


timezOne – year long project in 2013 to write one song a month with the flavour of how I feel at that time

And voila, we moved to France


I have no idea why I have black teeth in this photo!



To celebrate the 10th year of the the first snowflAke mAker album #reimAgined all tracks have been #reFreshed and #reNewed

First proper go at making a ‘pop video’ 🙂

Had a great birthday Mexican style

20140115-172821.jpg IMG_1356

London for our anniversary


Clearly happy and channelling the spirit of Sigorni Weaver in Aliens

IMG_4434 IMG_4737

Mixing with the stars

IMG_8724 IMG_8725

Good times

IMG_9802 IMG_9911 IMG_0199 IMG_0256 IMG_0288 IMG_0290

Festive times

IMG_0475 IMG_0590


Was all about 0 and FRUit

Another marking of my 50th birthday, here is a selection of tracks written mid 1980’s on a Fostex X-15 4 track recorder, complete with original POP AND HiSS. re-masterd, re-energized and re-imagined!

My 50th





Paul and Me  – 25 years


IMG_4602 IMG_5004IMG_5031IMG_5055IMG_5057IMG_5058 IMG_5285IMG_5286  

2015 was all about

Great times

IMG_0752IMG_1532IMG_1804 IMG_2230 IMG_2477IMG_2943IMG_3174 IMG_3177 IMG_3198 IMG_3204 IMG_3223 IMG_3328 IMG_3355 IMG_3358 IMG_3368 IMG_3378 IMG_3421 IMG_3448 IMG_3695 IMG_3713 IMG_3714 IMG_3772 IMG_3826IMG_4656IMG_4657IMG_4763IMG_4981IMG_5002IMG_5357IMG_5364IMG_5828




Looking fabulous

IMG_4316 IMG_4318

The moon



IMG_3298IMG_4085 IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_3973 IMG_4057

The Mexican calendar

IMG_0799IMG_1225IMG_1569IMG_2209IMG_2678IMG_3233IMG_4059  IMG_4556IMG_5383




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