I remember seeing Abba win Eurovision in 1974 and really loving it, this may have been a clue

The next time music came a-knocking was towards the end of 1975, I was amazed every week watching Queen on Top Of The Pops and watching this video

I came to Jobraith late, but this is my favourite song

In 1978 Disco was all the rage, this was perfect for me, edgy, punky with a great bass

First 12″ record I ever bought, 80p, from Robinson’s Records, Manchester, I used to spend hours in there on a Saturday afternoon

In the late 70’s punk was wide awake, and this track just did for me

By the end of the 1970’s, I think this summed it up for me regarding school and life

And we hit 1980, excitement in the air with the possibilities, believe it or not, it all felt very futuristic

New Life!

The first song to waken me to dance music

It was the time of the New Romantic


Just loved and reminded me of the first time I went to London on my own

The 80’s were alive, this was brilliant to dance to in the clubs

Disco, indie, funky, punky

By the mid 1980’s it was an explosion of colour

By the end of the 1980’s it was all about ‘coming out’, this song reminds me dancing in Archways, Manchester

It was all about the house music!

I had no idea when this was out in 1988 how appropriate this could be for looking at your possible life in from of you, the song is a celebration, and still is

Although from 1972, I found this during my ‘stoner years’ 🙂

1989 It was Madchester

1990, it was the MTV years, this one stuck out and was played constantly

In 1991, I thought Madonna had that something extra


Mixing TV with music

1996, reminding me of Purple In The Park

1997,  I just like the melody and melancholy


Back in the day


It is the way it builds, oh and those strings, and then that voice –  I actually wore the vinyl out!


Memories of parties and a fab trip to New York


Once upon a time…….


Pure 70’s glam rock T Rex nostalgia


Time to party?


Reminding me of some great moments

I Know that I am among the few, but I really like this one, oh yes!


Good to get the bones moving


Found in San Francisco, and kinda became a theme for SPACE DOGS RADiO


Its feels like a new revival, just gotta love that bass

One of my faves from 2015



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