SPACE DOGS RADiO brings you music and conversation with a sci fi, space and technology twist.

Have an idea about some music or clips to be included? contact on spacedogsradio@gmail.com

Starting out in Manchester listening, recording and mixing up sound as a child, becoming a DJ under the name DJ dAx in 1985 seems liked a natural progression. During this time dAx played everywhere the North West would allow and could work in places as diverse as a working men’s club playing old time dance music or a student union bar playing Echo and the Bunnymen.

dAx also gained great experience as Director of Productions as a youth theater where he directed and organised the music for theatrical productions.

In 1989 and 1990 dAx was a DJ in a British Bar in Salou, Spain where he quickly brought a unique sense of fun and energy to the role where everyone was welcome to party and have a great time.

Back in the UK after a short stint in a club in Manchester City Centre he moved to Preston. dAx joined a DJ agency for 3 years then moved to DJing in a nightclub working every weekend to a fun and energetic crowd for 3 years.

Moving to London in 1997, dAx became a hit of the exclusive party scene and was regularly gracing people’s home’s with house tunes and beats.

In 2004 dAx went back to his song writing roots and began making music under the name snowflAke mAker. Using Propellerheads Reason software to Mix/ blend/ mash samples with own original music. Aiming to create a punky/ funky/ chilly soundscape.

In 2009 on a trip to San Francisco dAx had an idea to create a on-line radio station that focused on bringing together music with a sci-fi twist. Named SPACE DOGS RADiO this channel has now grown to include other themes (disco sOup, kOOky and urbAn fOrest)

Happening soon…….

2014 will be the 10th anniversary of snowflAke mAker so expect a greatest hits (part one) at least

2015 will be the 30th anniversary of dj dAx so expect something special

Songs I’ve written with my own vocals

Songs I’ve written/ mixed/ produced

Mash-ups I’ve put together

Much more can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/snowflakemaker

You can listen to my radio station 24/7 click here

I also develop my own themed radio shows/ podcasts, click here for the link


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